The Meridian Spine & Joint Functional Diagnostic Centre is a highly professional, state-of-the-art testing unit that accurately and objectively assesses a person's physical capacity to function at work or in daily life.

This reliable and valid computerized technique can gather information and data on strength, endurance, lifting potential and job specific abilities. All tests are peer reviewed and standardized.

A sampling of our services include:

Motor Vehicle Accident Intensive Rehabilitation Program

The goal of this program is to return individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident to their full pre-accident function. More than specific physical recovery, the MVA program is designed to address the psychosocial impact of the injury and tailor to the specific needs of the patient. This in-depth, highly integrative and innovative program proceeds through a series of 4 phases and requires clients to attend treatment 1-2 hours per day up to 4 days per week initially, depending on severity.

Independent Medical Examination

An independent clinical examination, by a specialized physician, designed to evaluate an individual and provide a comprehensive report.

Can involve two or more independent health practitioners:

  • Physician and physiotherapist
  • Physician and psychologist
  • Psychologist and physiotherapist

Designed to address the medial diagnosis, musculoskeletal impairments, psychological concerns, functional capabilities, disabilities, and to provider recommendations for further diagnostic procedures, treatment and rehabilitation regimes and return to work programs.