We Use a Team Approach

At Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy we provide high quality health care with a team of highly qualified, dedicated health professionals. Each patient is evaluated and the best team possible is assembled to provide patient-centre, results-focused care. We aim to work with you to fully restore your health and to help you stay healthy.

During the process of your care, you will be assessed by a physiotherapist and care will be provided by a combination of your physiotherapist, our physiotherapy assistant, and our massage therapist. They all work together to make sure you have the best care possible. On any one visit, you may be seen by any of these professionals. Your physiotherapist will organize all steps in your care and you will see your physiotherapist regularly.

Our team of professionals work together to make sure your experience at Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy  is a positive one!


The Rehabilitation Health Care Team

Patient Service Coordinator (PSC): The PSC is responsible for making your appointments, assisting you in completing any required forms, collecting Outcome Measurement data, typing and sending any reports to your physician, employer, and/or insurer that you have consented to having sent, billing for your treatment and following up with you on any appointments in order to assist you in the "administrative" parts of your rehabilitation experience.

Physiotherapist: The physiotherapist directs and is responsible for your rehabilitation program at Meridian Spine & Joint. Your physiotherapist will do your musculoskeletal assessment and based on the findings of that assessment will design a rehabilitation program to help you achieve your goals of therapy. He/she will communicate the findings and the rehabilitation plan to your physician and employer/insurer (when necessary). Your physiotherapist will determine all treatment and assign parts of that treatment to the rehabilitation team as appropriate. Your physiotherapist will reassess your progress regularly and make alterations to your treatment based on information from the reassessments, team's input and your feedback and personal goals.

Physiotherapy Assistant: The physiotherapy has expertise in exercise therapy and the proper functioning of muscles for specific activities. Your physiotherapist assigns portions of your treatment to the physiotherapy assistant. He/she may provide you with a modality such as TENS, heat, ice or ultrasound. He/she may coach you in your therapeutic exercise program in the clinic. He/she may accompany you to a fitness facility to teach you how to use the equipment. The physiotherapy assistant may do functional testing and will teach you how to use proper body mechanics when you are doing activities of work and recreation. He/she works very closely with the Physiotherapist to make sure your rehabilitation is effective and efficient. Your physiotherapy assistant provides input for reports to your physician, employer and
insurer as necessary.

Registered Massage Therapists: Massage Therapy is a hands on technique of assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction. Massage of the soft tissues and joints of the body will help to stretch muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, increase circulation to the area, decrease muscle spasm and pain from stress related conditions, improve posture, increase movement, affect the lymphatic and nervous system and create an overall feeling of well being. Our Registered Massage Therapists are members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and are highly trained to treat a wide variety of conditions related to sports injuries, automobile accidents, repetitive motions, work injuries and tension from everyday stresses.