MSJP Philosophy & Values

Core to Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy's quality and excellence programs are the underlying philosopy and valueas used in our clinical approach.  Each of our staff as individuals and as a team are committeed to upholding our philosophy and values.


  • Supporting individuals who are working to maximize function and quality of life in the presence of injury, a disorder a disease, or a disability.
  • Promoting maximum independence in prevention and recovery such that individuals early on in their process take ownership of their own health and recovery/prevention strategies.
  • Engaging the most qualified and dynamic practitioners to ensure depth of education, research, knowledge and experience.
  • Providing state-of-the-art and science programs, ie. evidence based programs supported by the literature.
  • Focusing on client expressed needs including addressing the client as a whole person (body, mind, and spirit), maintaining confidentiality and privacy, involvement of family and friends, continuity of care across the health prevention and treatment spectrum and ensuring other individual specific needs are met.
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology for clinic administration, clinical equipment and clinician and client education.
  • Utilizing dynamic, active forms of therapy to promote health and recovery (versus passive forms of therapy) including dynamic hands-on mobilization and manipulation and active exercise programs.
  • Providing a very high ratio of physiotherapist to patient time spent.
  • Providing care and programs in group-settings, only where appropriate, to encourage team learning and support.
  • Practicing time-limited therapy tailored to the client need to encourage full independence.
  • Providing programs and treatment in a fun and supportive environment where people and staff can flourish.



Meridian Spine & Joint Physiotherapy is guided by the following values:

Leading by Example

  • Not only through hierarchy, but also using influence and approach
  • Sharing vision and goals
  • Going beyond the call of duty
  • Demonstrating team spirit
  • Committing to self-improvement
  • Being committed to quality


  • Ethical obligations to the patient
  • Ethical obligation to the employer, colleagues, and agencies with which one interacts
  • Respecting commitments/respecting committed deadlines and promises
  • Following up with internal and external customers


  • Education, judgment, skill and experience to deliver service for patient care, education, research and administration

Respect & Tolerance

  • Respect for patients and others as individuals
  • Respect for privacy, dignity and fair treatment
  • Maintains confidential information and does not disclose
  • Respecting all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities and genders


  • Truthful disclosure of information
  • Objective disclosure of information

Being Responsible and Ethical

  • Being transparent
  • Setting clear realistic expectations
  • Demonstrating equity and fairness at all times
  • Adhering to company values and beliefs during good and bad times
  • Demonstrating integrity and loyalty