Interpreter Services

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London, ON N6A 5N4
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Across Languages Translation and Interpretation Service exists to eliminate language barriers to communication between people of diverse languages and cultures. We strive to ensure that communication across language barriers is effective, giving all people equal opportunity to access and participate in societal processes, services, and institutions.  A key goal is to ensure that service and decision-making systems will respond effectively to needs of our diverse community by becoming more accessible to those who do not communicate effectively in English.

The Canadian Hearing Society London Regional Office
181 Wellington Street
London, Ontario N6B 2K9  
Phone: (519) 667-3325
TTY: (519) 667-DEAF (3323)
Fax: (519) 667-9668

Clear Communication through Sign Language Interpreters -  Clear communication is based on a common language. There are times when a common language does not exist between people. In these situations, an interpreter can facilitate communication.

Ontario Interpreting Services’ mandate is to increase accessibility for Deaf individuals by providing quality American Sign Language (ASL) — English interpreting in a variety of life settings including:

  • Medical
  • Employment
  • Social Services
  • Personal Business
  • Government Ministries & Agencies
  • Education Related Business
  • Legal

Sign Language Interpreters can be used in individual discussions, group meetings or for conferences.  Professional sign language interpreters are knowledgeable in the language and culture of both Deaf and hearing people. They provide communication in both ASL and spoken English. Sign Language interpreters are bound by their professional Code of Ethics.