Employer Services

Post Offer Pre-Employment Screening
After a complete review of the client's medical history, a physical demands analysis in conjunction with job specific testing is conducted. This information is used to decide whether a potential new employee with a pre-existing musculoskeletal injury may become a problem for work in the future. By identifying individual risk factors, pre and post-offer screening may help determine if the employee is physically and safely suited for the job.
Functional Abilities Evaluation
Using state-of-the-art computerized technology an FAE is an objective, detailed and accurate assessment of an employee’s ability to perform functional activities or work tasks. An FAE can determine if a person is ready to return to work, clarify appropriate work restrictions, assess the validity of a disability and provide information for treatment and/or work readiness planning.
Ergonomic Assessments
To identify and eliminate the physical risk factors of a specific job, an on-site workplace and job task analysis is conducted by a physiotherapist and/or ergonomic kinesiologist. This program can help prevent work related health problems, improve work space, job design and equipment set up, assist injured workers with return to work, and improve productivity, performance and employee job satisfaction.
Ergonomic Job Site Visit
The ergonomic job site visit identifies the physical risk factors of a specific job and offers suggestions for eliminating these risk factors to ensure optimal safety and long-term productivity. In collaboration with the worker, supervisor and Health and safety Committee, an ergonomic physiotherapist or kinesiologist can help prevent work related health problems, assist injured workers back to work and improve work station design.
Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
A PDA is an objective and accurate assessment of the physical and functional demands of a job. Conducted by a physiotherapist and/or ergonomic kinesiologist, a PDA is used for making safe decisions about return to work duties and to determine if an employee’s abilities meet the physical demands of the job. PDA’s are recommended for jobs that have high rates of work injury and can be used to effectively return injured workers to the specific job.
Job Site Coaching
Usually 1 hour in length, this program offers an on-site workplace visit or coaching session with a physiotherapist and/or ergonomic kinesiologist.  A full report is given to the client and employer to summarize all the recommendations for a safe and efficient work environment. Job site coaching can help prevent re-injury, improve return to work success and build worker confidence.
Work Readiness Empower Program
This program prepares people for work roles in order to achieve full pre-injury functional status and overcome all barriers preventing successful return to full employment.  This highly integrative and successful program is provided in a production oriented work setting, under on-going supervision. In a safe, professionally supervised environment, real job tasks are introduced progressively to continually challenge work tolerances, physical capacity and general work behaviors.   WORK READINESS CASE STUDY - WE GET RESULTS!!!
Return to Work Consulting
After a case review of the injury by one of our health care professionals, an interview occurs with the employer and employee representative to recommend a practical, cost effective and sensitive return to work plan. This program is great for decreasing the costs associated with lost time and for employers not sure of what steps to take with an injured employee.