About London

City of London (http://www.london.ca/d.aspx?s=/Residents/default.htm)
Everything you need to know about being a resident of the city
Living in the City (http://london.ontariotenants.ca/)
Helpful information about finding housing in London and tenant rights
Information London (http://info.london.on.ca/)
The directory brings you up-to-date information about essential social services for people living in London and Middlesex, Ontario. Affordable housing, social assistance, employment, newcomer issues, social isolation and children’s welfare are just of a few of the topics covered that address quality of life issues for vulnerable individuals and families.
London Transit Commission (http://www.londontransit.ca/)
Routes, Schedules, Fares, and interactive map
London Public Library (http://www.londonpubliclibrary.ca/)
It’s more than just about borrowing books.   The library website offers valuable connections to ethnic social/cultural events in your community, volunteer opportunities, and employment resources.
Tourism of London (http://www.londontourism.ca/main.aspx)
The Hot Spot for attractions, sports & recreation, arts and culture and so much more