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Physiotherapy Services

Products: Exercise & Training

Exercise is a fundamental component of all the Meridian Spine & Joint Centre services and programs. 


Rehabilitation Consultation Program

Meridian Spine and Joint Centre believes that when a client has made significant progress toward their health goals and when they are ready to discontinue active physiotherapy, that client should be assisted and encouraged to become independent in maintaining and enhancing their health and functional status. 


In order to do this, the Centre will recommend and provide a Rehabilitation Consultation Program which facilitates clients through the transition of maintaining health goals independently.  Meridian Spine and Joint Centre will facilitate this transition as early as possible in the rehabilitation process.


General Physical Fitness Program

This includes patient education, demonstration, and training.   Our Physical Fitness program is based and defined by the following terms and understanding:


Physical Activity

All leisure and non-leisure body movement produced by the skeletal muscles and resulting in a substantial increase in resetting energy expenditure



A form of leisure-time physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive. Its main objective is to improve or maintain physical fitness


Physical Fitness

A set of attributes that are either health related or performance (or skill) related. Health related fitness comprises those components of fitness that exhibit a relationship with health status. Performance/skill related fitness involves those components of fitness that enable optimal work or sport performance.



Health has physical, social, and psychological dimensions, each characterized on a continuum with positive and negative poles. Positive health is associated with a capacity to enjoy life and to withstand challenges - it is not merely the absence of disease.


Components of Physical Fitness


Muscular Strength

Is the ability or capacity of a muscle or muscle group for exerting force against resistance. It refer’s to the muscle’s ability to exert maximal force in a single effort. Strong muscles provide better protection of body joints, resulting in fewer strains, sprains and other muscular difficulties. Muscle strength helps in maintaining proper posture and provides great endurance, power, and resistance to fatigue.



Muscular Endurance

Is the ability of muscles to repeat or sustain a muscle contraction.

3 variations of muscular endurance that are recognized:


1.      Isometric contraction (maximal static contraction is held)

2.      Isotonic contraction (muscle continue to raise and lower a submaximal load i.e. pushup)

3.      Isokinetic contraction (Constant (> 67 % of the work day) executed throughout a full range of movement against a maximal resistance)

Is the quality that permits freedom of movement. It is the measure of the range of motion allowed by the body’s joint or joints.  It is important for performance in most active sports; it is also important for maintaining good posture.


Cardiovascular Endurance

Is the ability to persist in a physical activity that requires oxygen for physical exertion. The functioning of the heart, lungs and blood vessels is essential for distribution of oxygen and nutrients and removal of wastes from the body.

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