Freeport Hospital Redesign involved a detailed organization assessment and organizational redesign to reduce costs and increase effectiveness. The strategic core business processes for the hospital were identified through a series of focus groups involving Senior Management and Patient Care Providers.  In addition, a concurrent literature review and bench marking exercise was undertaken.  Planning teams were established around each of the core business processes and were composed of members of Senior Management, care providers, as well as involvement with patients and their families. A series of patient care focused models were proposed to the Board of Directors.


Victoria Hospital Redesign Initiative involved a detailed organization assessment and organizational redesign to reduce costs and increase effectiveness.  The methodology focused on six dimensions of the hospital including: organization and governance structure, economic modeling, patient care process, information management, change readiness, and clinical resource management.  Each of these dimensions was evaluated using hospital data, staff input, bench marking, and process mapping.  Alternative models for patient care delivery were evaluated.


A comprehensive plan for implementing care teams and clinical programs, based on patient populations, was developed.  In addition, many hospital wide processes, eg: admissions, patient discharge, stores replenishment, and diagnostic processes were re-engineered.


Canadian Mental Health Association – London & Middlesex

CMHA-London was preparing for significant growth (up to tripling in size).  This growth while a significant opportunity for the organization would bring with it operational challenges.  With advanced planning, the growth challenge would be successfully met with a clear vision for the future, clarity of service offerings, and focus in specific job assignments all supported by refreshed personnel programs, policies, and compensation plans.  Specifically, Meridian Edge was engaged to consult and facilitate in the following areas:

·         Organizational Structure Design

·         Job assignment clarity with clear, focused, job descriptions

·         Strategies to recognize current staff within the new structure (recognizing individual needs and situations)

·         Refreshed comprehensive personnel policies

·         A salary structure which is benchmarked with related organizations, is competitive and affordable

·         Identification of and launching process improvement strategies for key service delivery and business processes to enhance workflow and service delivery results.