Richard Doogue - Associate

Management and Consulting Experience
Supervision: Immediate direction and supervision to administrative staff; general manager, sales and marketing manager, and accounting department. Provided sales and marketing support to independent contractors relative to the travel industry. Worked scheduling and disciplined work in a union environment.

Strategic Planning: Has developed and implemented yearly budgets for sales and expenses. Established incentive programs for counsellors to increase air, tour and insurance sales. Involved in sales solicitation proposals both in the development and presentation stages. Negotiated lease agreements for offices and assisted in designing of office plan that created a positive atmosphere and enhanced the workflow. Researched and provided guidance to the Board of Directors in the purchasing of other agencies. Worked with the General Manager when requested to hire employees and if necessary negotiate in house contracts with in-coming staff.

Training & Education Consultation
Provided classroom and meeting presentations for training of Home Based business consultants. Developed 3 day training outline for classroom training and provided training for an understudy trainer.

Has conducted many presentations for sales perspective and presentation.

Has developed and implemented print, radio and point of purchase marketing strategies. Jointly created flyers and other materials for promotions.

Special Projects
Closely involved in the development and implementation of the following special projects at the corporate level:

  • Service Fees - Developed policy, implementation and training for the rollout of service fees.
  • Internet Sites - Worked with the technical director in the ground up development of the CAA Midwestern Ontario Internet site