Standard of Quality

Meridian Health Group envisions quality development as being intricately linked to our mission, vision, planning, strategy, clinical practices, operations, and results.  Our quality development process is integrated throughout our strategic and operational planning.

Quality is defined at Meridian Health Group as “continuously striving for excellence in all of our endeavours, measured by objective outcomes and by consistent client satisfaction internally and externally.

A universal way of thinking about quality and a model that fits all disciplines and services is the Quality Trilogy originally described by Juran in 1986.  This trilogy consists of three elements; quality planning, quality system assurance, and quality improvements.

Quality Planning is done at the initial stage of a new program or treatment regime.   Here the focus is on planning and designing quality results/ outcomes through determining the requirements of the consumer of their service/treatment program.  These requirements are converted to specifications and goals for service or treatment program.   Quality Planning involves the design of a process (eg. a clinical process) which produces the desired outcomes (eg. meets the patient’s needs).  The end results of Quality Planning should be a process which is capable of continuously meeting the quality goals under operating conditions.

The second part of the trilogy is Quality System Assurance which includes quality measurement.  Key Quality Characteristics for each product or service need to be identified and defined.  These quality characteristics are the key aspects of the process critical to achieving a quality outcome.   Each characteristic can be measured using a quality indicator.   Steps are taken to continuously measure the process to provide data for decision making about whether the process is producing satisfactory outcomes in an efficient manner.

The third element of the trilogy is Quality Improvement.  Where quality measurement shows opportunity for improvement, a systematic strategy of quality improvement steps is utilized to improve the process producing better outcomes.